1971 FenderTelecasterAn amazing and all original blonde 1971 Fender Telecaster that includes the original ashtray bridge cover and a clean original hard case!

The first decent guitar I owned was a ’71 Telecaster almost identical to this one. I bought it used from a newspaper ad. A few years later I wanted to buy a Gibson Les Paul Special. So I sold the Telecaster to a cousin when I was teenager. I have regretted selling it ever since. She still has it and will not part with it. I was happy to find this one for a reasonable vintage price. Although it was quite a bit higher than the $150 that I sold my original one for in 1974!

The 1974 Les Paul Special is actually not worth as much on the vintage market as the 1971 Telecaster I had sold to buy it. The ’74 Les Paul Special was stolen from me years later. I did find another one very much like it in great condition that I bought from a vintage guitar dealer. Took many years of chasing to find a nice clean one that was affordable.

1971 Telecaster and 1974 Les Paul Special

1971 Fender Telecaster and 1974 Gibson Les Paul Special – Both in excellent condition


This 1971 Fender Telecaster still had the original “ashtray” bridge cover and original case. Many times these are lost as most players throw them aside.


  • Made In: USA
  • Year Of Production: 1971
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Scale Length: 25.5″
  • Neck Width At Nut: 1-5/8″


Plays great and sounds sweet.


Bit of buckle rash on back. But nothing too bad. Overall a great vintage guitar.




Great vintage ’70s Telecaster that was the last model to have only one string tree before moving to two in 1972. Any vintage Telecaster that is pre-CBS (prior to 1965 when CBS bought Fender) the price jumps considerably.