Danelectro Longhorn Guitarlin was made famous by Link Wray. The Guitarlin was built to cover the typical guitar register plus the higher mandolin range, and the instrument’s deep double cutaways provided complete access to its unprecedented 31 frets. The extended rosewood fretboard began with an aluminum nut, and the “Coke bottle” headstock was decorated with the vertical Danelectro logo.


The Guitarlin was a little too radical and awkward for most guitar players, so it didn’t sell very well and only about 200 were made between 1958 and 1968. The guitar is collectable today mostly due to its association with Link Wray, who used it on his recordings and tours in the late ’50s. They have been reissued a few times, but a bit hard to find. I only had this one for a short time.

Pete Townsend also had one.