2002 Fender American Stratocaster natural gloss finish with Tortoise pick guard and maple neck.

Has a 12 inch radius this is a flatter fretboard that is not common on a Stratocaster. Most vintage Fender Strats were usually 7.5 radius. Some of the more modern Strats are 9.5 with a few select models having a compound neck radius. A flatter radius allows for better note bending and a narrower radius is sometimes more comfortable for playing chords. The frets are larger than vintage and are med-jumbo size.

The guitar has been professionally setup at Dan Erlewine’s Shop one of the best luthiers around. The pickups are Fender Custom Shop in the neck and middle positions and Lindy Fralin with bottom plate at the bridge. Great playing guitar that weighs about 7.9 pounds. Copper foil has been added to all the pickup and control routes to further quite the single coil pickups.

This is a great playing Strat. I upgraded the bridge saddles to Graphtech String Savers and swapped out the tuners to Fender F Logo Locking Tuners which were fast and easy upgrades.


The Fender Tremolo unit uses the two-point Trem bridge like the all American series Stratocaster. The vintage Fender tremolo units used the famous 6 screw bridge. The finish is a poly coat. I really like the natural wood and tortoise shell pickguard and that was the first attraction when I bought this guitar used. Hard to believe it is from 2002 as it is awesome condition.