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Just getting started on this project. The body is still being built by Tony De Lacugo and I am busy picking up the rest of the parts. This is going to be one wild looking guitar. Tony does amazing work.

Hot Rod Flames over super sparkle silver metal-flake what’s not to love?


I am planning on chrome hardware for this one with a few surprises. I have placed orders from several vendors today. Parts should be arriving next week. I already have the neck. A nice new Fender Select Telecaster neck I picked up on eBay that I paid a fortune for.

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Like all Telecaster lovers I have dreamed of playing a Blackguard from the 1950s – Broadcaster, Nocaster or Telecaster. The real thing is unobtainable for most of us that cannot pay today’s price tag. The reissues are nice and some of them are pretty close to owning the real thing.

My love for a Blackguard was only intensified by getting a copy of Nacho Banos fantastic Blackguard Book and spending many hours studying. I decided it would be a blast to assemble my own using the many great vintage style parts that are available. First stop Mark Jenny. I won an auction for this aged butterscotch body with “vintage nitro” aged finish on his eBay store.


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Here is a guitar project that is almost finished. I wanted to build a very special one-of-a-kind Telecaster style guitar. I wanted this one to be an upscale model like something the Fender Customer Shop would have made. Well this one is turning out better.

The body was purchased from Tony DeLacugo who has been building guitars for many years and is a fabulous painter. Tony is a “real” artist. He turned this walnut Telecaster body into an amazing piece.

Before and After Carve

Before and After Carve

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