Thalia capo, G7 Capo, Shubb Capo, Kyser Capo and Dunlop Capo

Thalia capo, G7th Capo, Shubb Capo, Kyser Capo and Dunlop Capo

If you are like me and have owned multiple capos, then you may understand the difference a good one can make. Some capos can be a pain to use as they need constant re-adjusting and re-tuning your guitar. This water your time and hurts your focus on actually playing. I probably have spent more time and money looking for the best one for me. I wanted to share what I have learned.

The issues to consider are ease of use, fit, size-weight, being able to move without re-tuning or strings buzzing. Since guitars have different radius sizes, they way the capo fits across the strings is quite important if you want the tuning and tension across the strings would need to be even. Also want to make sure the using the capo does not scratch or damage your guitar.

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