Brings out the “hot rodder” in you!

This is a pretty elaborate custom built “partscaster” project I assembled. The body was built by Tony DeLacugo. Tony hand carved this body out of ONE PIECE of Alder patterned from a vintage ’69 Telecaster. Hot Rod Flames over super sparkle silver metal-flake paint make this an amazing eye-catching guitar body. Looking at my collection you might just get the idea I like Flames on Telecasters.

The pictures do not do this guitar justice as it is quite hard to photograph the depth of the metal flake and sparkle on this guitar. Most people who see this guitar in person are quite impressed. It plays as great as it looks.

See the project being build here.


I used only premium parts including a gorgeous birds-eye maple Select genuine Fender neck with pearloid inlays. Neck is a modern “C” Shape, compound Radius 9.5″-14″ with 22 Medium Jumbo Frets and 1.685″ Width at Nut. Nitrocellulose finish with a satin back and gloss headstock. These are some of Fender’s best necks in my opinion. This neck is birdseye maple and is absolutely gorgeous.

Birds-eye Maple Neck is awesome as well

Birds-eye Maple Neck is awesome as well


Custom ordered and hand wound O.C. Duff Pickups. Same ones Redd Volkaert has on his prized vintage Telecasters. O.C. Duff Plank’ster Tele Bridge pickup and Big Boy Tele Neck Pickup. Gives this guitar plenty or twang. The Big Boy neck pickup has a big, strong tone and is a taller Tele neck pickup. It uses taller Alnico V, .195 magnet slugs, and is handwound with 42 gauge wire (a bit like Fender Custom Shop Twisted Telecaster pickup). It has a warmer midrange, woodier high end a bit like a Strat neck pickup. Some say it is a kind of a Strat meets Gretsch meets Tele sound. The bridge pickup has all the twang you could want. Awesome sounding pickups.


Callaham Vintage Tele Bridge with Slant Compensated Brass Saddles allows for better intonation without losing tone. Quality bridge that is not a thin piece of steel like some modern Telecaster bridges. Features a small cut-away so to help not to get in the way of picking.

Guitar weighs 7lbs 14oz.




Locking Tuners with Pearl buttons

Brushed chrome locking tuners with pearl buttons



Birds-eye neck has satin back

Birds-eye neck has satin back

I used a Fender branded CRL 3-way Switch, CTS Pots and vintage style paper and foil cap and vintage style cloth wire. The Tone pot is 250K and the volume pot is 280K RS Solid-Shaft SuperPot® that RS Guitarworks sells that has a custom taper. The vintage style cap is Jensen Paper and Oil GuitarCap® .047. Many modern Teles and even ones made in the seventies have 1Meg pots that make the guitar sound very bright with some pickups. Some suffer from what is referred to an “ice-pick” sound. I prefer the 250K pots like the earlier Telecasters for a bit warmer sound.







Nice tweed Fender Select case by G&G purchased on eBay.

Volume and Tone and pistons - 8-ball switch tip

Volume and Tone knobs are made to look like pistons – 8-ball switch tip



I saw this guitar strap on eBay and had to buy it for this guitar. It is made of seat belt parts. Perfect for the Hot Rod! Just like country star Eric Heatherly innovated.


The perfect guitar cable for this “hot rodded” guitar. Special limited edition Bullet Cable Spark that fits the theme to a tee.




Even the box the cable came in is cool!

From the box:
Bullet Cable
Competition Racing Cables

In the BULLET CABLE SPEED SHOP we developed this high octane cable with Street Muscle Car performance crammed into it! We start with the finest selected OFC copper for Maximum harmonic detail.

We do not authorize the use of NITROUS but if you machine heads must, please use safety gear!

The Spark plug connector is made from audiophile grade materials. We do countless tests for tone and strong signal performance.

This cable design is going to change your tone and burn a hole in your eardrums. This thing is hotter than hell but with the detailed nuances that are expected from Bullet Cable.

This is one of the most eye-catching guitars in my collection and it plays and sounds as good as it looks.