This project is a hybrid Jazzmaster body routed like a Telecaster. Telemaster or Jazzcaster whichever you would like to call it. I always liked the off-set classic Fender body. See the build happen here.


This guitar was put together from a quilted maple Warmoth Jazzcaster body on swamp ash. Has natural masking for a faux binding. The pickguard is also from Warmoth.

Neck is genuine Fender with rosewood fingerboard and locking Schaller tuners. I swapped out chrome tuner buttons with pearloid ones. Neck has modern “C” shape profile and compound Radius 9.5″-14″ with 22 medium jumbo Frets and black Pearloid inlays.


Pickups are Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials (099-2121-000) which are wired with a 4-way switch for more versatile tones.

The 4-way switch wiring allows for more versatile sounds:
Position 1: Bridge only
Position 2: Bridge and Neck in Parallel (like a standard Tele – both pickups)
Position 3: Neck only
Position 4: Bridge and Neck in Series for fatter tone (more output than 1,2 & 3)



Hipshot 6 saddle bridge.


Jazzmasters are usually heavy guitars as compared to Telecasters and Stratocasters as the body is a bit larger. This one comes in at about 8.5 lbs which is not bad.


Leo Fender designed the Jazzmaster body contours to be offset and more comfortable to play sitting down. I suppose he conceived that the “jazz players” he was targeting this model for sat down more when they played. Interestingly Fender offered this model with rosewood fingerboard like the arch tops most jazz players were used to. Well the Jazzmaster was a successful model, BUT NOT with the jazz players they were hoping would buy this guitar.

Of course this guitar is routed for Telecaster pickups and controls making it much more simplistic. Hence the Jazzcaster or Telemaster, a model Leo never built.