Looks like a nice tribute to Keefer's Micawber

Tribute to Keefer’s Micawber

See the entire build process here.

MJT Aged Finishes aged ash body and Musikraft neck relic finished by Matt and Mark Jenny. Most of the relic hardware and pickguard are also from MJT. The aged flatter top knobs were found on eBay and installed Dunlop strap lock buttons to match the REAL Micawber. Duncan/Seth Lover PAF Humbucker and Don Mare Keefer pickups.

Duncan PAF Humbucker neck and Don Mare Keefer bridge pickups

Duncan PAF Humbucker neck and Don Mare Keefer bridge pickups

The Fender waterslide is applied to add to the vibe of an old blackguard Telecaster. The neck is a Fender licensed neck from Musikraft that has been built to replicate the specs for serial number 2283 out of Nacho’s Blackguard book which was a 1953 Telecaster.

SERIAL NUMBER: 2283 – 1953 (Select Grade Birdseye)
NUT WIDTH: 1.650 (41.91mm)
TRUSS ROD: Vintage Single Acting Adjust @ Heel
FB RADIUS: 9-1/2
FRET WIRE SIZE: Medium 6105 Nickel Silver
BACK PROFILE: As Per Serial Number
FINISH: Raw No Warranty (shipping to MJT for finishing)
MOUNT HOLES: Drill Neck Mounting Holes
NUT INSTALL: Install Slotted Bone Nut

Birdseye Maple Blackguard neck

Birdseye Maple Blackguard neck

Relic aged finish was done by MJT Guitar Finishing

Relic aged finish was done by MJT Guitar Finishing

I am using an old style “blend” circuit. There is lots of debate to exactly how Keith Richard’s Micawber Telecaster is actually wired. His 3-way switch is almost always seen in the position closest to the bridge pickup and rarely in any other position. I have seen only one picture with the 3-way switch in the middle position and I have never seen it in the position closest to the neck.

To my ears, there is is more than just bridge single coil sound coming from his Telecaster in position closest to the bridge. Plus I have heard Keith claim he added the P.A.F. Humbucker to add dynamics and harmonics to his sound. So I think he does not use standard modern Telecaster wiring where position 1 is bridge, position 2 (middle) is both pickups and position 3 is neck or even the vintage where position 1 is the bassy mode.

I think Keith’s Micawber is a modified Broadcaster Blend wiring where in position 1 (toward the bridge) is a “blend” mode were the “tone” pot is actually blends the bridge and humbucker in the neck. The middle position is neck pickup alone (no blend) and the position 3 is neck pickup with capacitor engaged and is quite dark. Anyway, this is the way I wired this guitar. I have been experimenting with different capacitor values.











I picked a real tweed vintage case for this guitar.



Keith Richards playing Micawber

Keith Richards playing Micawber

Keith Richards – About the Telecaster

Johnny Starbuck, Keith’s Guitar Tech shows Micawber and other guitars

The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women – Keith Playing Micawber

With Sheryl Crow

The Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – Malcolm on this one I think