This one was a custom built guitar project I did, an elaborate “partscaster” Telecaster. It is all walnut body has hand carved flames and features all gold hardware with Joe Barton Gatton T pickups. It plays as great as it looks.

The body was built by Tony DeLacugo making this Telecaster style guitar truly one-of-a-kind. The walnut grain is beautiful and makes a nice resonate guitar. Tony starts out building a vintage ’69 style Telecaster body and hand carves the flames into the body. He tells me he has made only three of these walnut bodies and this one turned out the best. The walnut carve is treated with Tru-Oil to bring out the grain than poly coated for protection. Lots of sanding and time consuming work was spent creating this awesome body.

See the build process and details here.


Fender Select Neck Gold Elite Tuners

Fender Select Neck with Gold Elite Tuners

The Fender “select” necks are some of Fender’s nicest. It has a compound radius from 9.5 to 14 with a satin back nitro finish.

Barton Gatton T Pickups

Barton Gatton T Pickups and Q-parts Gold Mother of Pearl knobs add a nice look

The Babicz Full Contact Telecaster Bridge is engineered to be direct coupled to the body for stability, increased sustain, improved fullness and tone. It is a radical design but has complete adjustability and allows for a very nice setup.

Walnut Body Grain is Amazing

Walnut Body Grain is Amazing

I used all quality components and spared no expense on the parts used on this project. All the cavities are copper foiled to reduce hum. The build quality is top shelf.

  • Tony DeLacugo Carved Body
  • Fender Select Telecaster Neck with Compound Radius and satin back finish
  • Gold Elite Schaller Tuners (same as used on Fender Custom Shop)
  • Gold Babicz Full Contact Hardware Telecaster Bridge
  • Joe Barden Engineering Danny Gatton T-Style Pickup Set for Telecaster
  • Gold Fender Telecaster Style Control Plate
  • Gold Custom Shop 4 Bolt Neck Plate
  • Gold Fender String Ferrules
  • Gold Telecaster Style Pickup Ring
  • Gold Electro-socket Jack Plate
  • 2 Q-Parts Gold Dome Guitar Knob w/ Mother of Pearl
  • 1 Gold colored Switch Tip
  • Gold Dunlop Strap Locks
  • Gold screws for pickups, neck plate, etc.
  • CTS Pots, 3-way switch, vintage style caps and vintage style wire
Found a nice Custom Shop Flamed Neck Plate on eBay

Found a nice Custom Shop Flamed Neck Plate on eBay

One-of-a-kind Walnut Carved Flames Tele Body

One-of-a-kind Walnut Carved Flames Tele Body

Electronic components from RS Guitarworks:

  • 280K RS Solid-Shaft SuperPot® – for volume
  • 250K CTS Solid Shaft Audio taper pot – for tone
  • Jensen Paper and Oil GuitarCap® .047 – vintage style

Guitar weighs a bit less than 7-lbs. 8-ozs so it is pretty light.



The Joe Barton Danny Gatton T pickups are awesome. I liked this so much I put a set in a Fender Thinline I have as well.





I had a blast building this one. I am very happy how it turned out.