Danelectro DTE-1 Reel Echo – Very cool tape echo simulation pedal

OK, I was sold on the retro look of the unit, but is does sound great and is pretty inexpensive. The unit features a slider like the old vintage tape echo units. The unit is built like a tank unlike most Danelectro pedals the housing is metal, not plastic.

I own several tape echo pedals and this one sounds bit different and has its own thing. Love it!

Built with options for tube/solid state styles, a warble switch for organic tape pitch deviation and speed range control of up to 1500ms, the Danelectro DTE-1 Reel Echo Tape Simulator Pedal brings warm, atmospheric, analog tape delay in a reliable, manageable package. Capable of summoning haunting trails and delay along with a unique Sound on Sound stomp switch for layering multiple tracks, this is an excellent addition to an ambient, post-rock, or shoegaze arsenal.

Some Nice Demos