DLS Effects RotoSIM Rotary Speaker Simulator
Awesome pedal that can simulate a Leslie.

There is a bit of a funny story with this pedal. I bought it used off of eBay. I used it in my home studio for about 2 years. I decided to sell it as I was not using it enough and wanted to buy some other gear. So I listed it on eBay to sell. The guy that won the auction turned out to be the same guy I bought from. He was sorry he sold it and wanted another one. We both laughed and I told him when he wanted to sell it again to call me!

DLS made sure this effect has all the adjustments any musician could want to dial in any type of rotary speaker cabinet sound imaginable. The Tweeter and Bass adjustments allow you to add or reduce the amount of horn intensities. Fast and Slow speed panel pots allow the rotation speeds to be dialed to taste along with the Ramp time. Use this effect with or without our internal overdrive circuit which simulates clipping like the real deal. Internal trim pots let you adjust the Blend, Bass Lag Speed, I/O Volumes, and more! As in all DLS units, we use the analog instrument signal and mix it with the RotoSIM™ sound (this leaves your instrument sound and tone as is).