2013 Fender Cabronita Thinline Telecaster with upgraded hardtail bridge and pickups. I loved the Cabronita the first time I saw the Fender Custom Shop model. Being a big Fender and Gretsch fan I guess that is no surprise. Well the Fender Custom Shop version was a bit pricey, so I thought of making a project and building one. Than I saw the Fender Telebration version that was US made and more affordable, but I thought a thinline semi hollow body is want I wanted.

Plastic Still on Pickgurad

Plastic Still on Pickgurad

Lucky for me Fender came out with a MIM thinline version that was quite affordable with a nice chunky C profile neck. They do not make a USA version of the Cabronita Thinline and I was sick of waiting. Found this one on eBay at a discounted price. Was practically new and still had the plastic on the pickguard. So I grabbed it. Came with a nice Fender gig bag.


I knew I would probably not like the pickups as I already owned a Fender Telecaster with the Fidel’trons. This is Fender’s version of the Gretsch Filtertrons. They were not bad, but I promptly swapped these out for REAL TV Jones Classic in the neck position and TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge position. I also changed the bridge to a Hipstop Hardtail that was a direct replacement. Now this guitar cooks.

I sold the Fidel’tron pickups and original bridge on eBay as used parts and got half my money for the new parts back.


I played with the idea of adding a tone control, but after playing it for a while I decided it just was not needed. Sounds great and I like the simplicity.