Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem is an awesome sounding overdrive/boost pedal I first saw on “That Pedal Show.” It sounds awesome for every amp the plugged it into. These are made in Brazil and are only carried by a few sellers in the US.

They certainly got the circuit cocktail right on this pedal. The Carpe Diem pedal was designed to bring out that great tube sound, without any valves (tubes here in the US, guys)! This true bypass overdrive features short-circuit protection, along with components selected to global standards of high quality in the manufacturing of boutique pedals. Fire Custom Shop is the epitome of quality boutique pedal builders. Based in Brazil, Fire Custom Shop is gaining world-wide respect very quickly and the Carpe Diem Pedal is their biggest “hit” to date. Sounds like a Marshall Plex, from JTM-45 to higher gain models in a small box!

I cannot say enough just how great this pedal sounds into several different amps I tried!

Demand for the Carpe Diem pedal went off the charts when That Pedal Show included it in their plexi stye pedal feature in September of 2016.


  • Type: Overdrive
  • Control Knobs: Presence, Bass Gain, Treble Gain, Master
  • Inputs: 1 – 1/4″
  • Outputs:1 – 1/4″
  • Power Supply:DC Power: 9VDC – negative center (Current consumption: 9V 3mA / 18V 26mA)
  • Dimensions:112mm x 74mm x 52mm
  • Weight:0.84 lbs