Gretsch G4520 Americana Way Out West

This little inexpensive guitar was part of Gretsch’s Limited Edition Americana series from about 2007. There were 4 in the series and are reminiscent of the ol’ cowboy guitars of yesteryear. Acoustic 3/4 size 24-inch scale steel-string guitar features distinctive looks and original western inspired artwork that is very kitschy and 50s inspired. Nice little conversation starter and a great campfire, back porch or travel guitar. Good for beginners as well. The saddle is compensated. It even has an adjustable truss rod.

I am the second owner of this cool little guitar. Grabbed this off REVERB. Prior owner actually had a Fishman pickup installed. It is green as you might expect as it has a cowboy alien theme! Since these were made in 2007, makes this guitar about 10 years old when I acquired it and it seems to have held together nicely.

Sounds better than you might think for a small inexpensive guitar. Good enough that KT Tunstall used one on her latest album on a few songs when looking for a few funky and different sounds. Perhaps she was inspired by the Alien and cowboy western theme. Proves guitars do not have to be big and expensive to be fun. Sounds pretty good through a PA or acoustic amp as well.

The shorter 24-inch scale gives you a bit less tension that longer scale guitars. This allows for the strings that will feel lighter. I am using D’Addario EXP16 12-53’s for this guitar. Great guitar for fingerpickers as the string spacing is not cramped. Sounds pretty nice strummed as well. String action is pretty low with no string buzzes up and down the neck.


  • Scale Length: 24-inch
  • Upper Bout: 9.5-inch
  • Waist: 8-inch
  • Lower Bout: 13-inch
  • Body Depth: 3-3/4-inch
  • Nut Width: 1-3/4-inch
  • Saddle Spacing: 2-7/32-inch
  • Body length: 18-inch
  • Overall Length: 36-2/3-inch

These guitars are collectable to some people and make great room decorations. Reminds me of all those painted little parlor cowboy guitars that Martin has built over the years. Of course it is no Martin parlor guitar in quality, it does play quite nice. Made in Indonesia.