Hallmark Deke Dickerson Signature Model

This one is from the original Hallmark limited run of 90 guitars in sunburst and 10 natural finish. Currently out of production. The Deke Dickerson Model is a single neck version of Joe Maphis and Larry Collins style famous doubleneck guitars. Both of these guitar virtuosos played these Mosrite doubleneck guitars on Town Hall Party country music radio and television show that was broadcast over KXLA-AM, Pasadena, California, KFI-AM, Los Angeles, California, and KTTV-TV in the early 1950s.

Young Larry Collins of the Collins Kids

Young Larry Collins of the Collins Kids

Larry Collins today

Larry Collins today

Joe Maphis - The King of the Strings

Joe Maphis – The King of the Strings

Joe Maphis and Larry Collins

Joe Maphis and Larry Collins

The Collins Kids -

The Collins Kids – Larry with his sister Lorrie Collins who once dated Ricky Nelson

Joe Maphis and Semie Moseley

Joe Maphis and Semie Moseley

Hallmark recreated Deke’s TNM Custom guitar as a single neck. See the story of Deke’s TNM Custom Doubleneck guitar built by Terry MacArthur who was an apprentice to Semie Moseley of Mosrite Guitars in 1958 and 1959.

Deke Dickerson TMW Doubleneck

Deke Dickerson TNM Doubleneck


Brian Lonbeck and Deke Dickerson

Brian Lonbeck and Deke Dickerson

The pickups are designed to be AP-6 replicas that Semie Moseley used on his early Mosrite guitars that he purchased from Carvin. Calvin was one of the only makers that sold guitar parts back then. Later Semie wound his own pickups.

Hallmark is making some great guitars. See more about Hallmark and its history.





From Deke Dickerson:
The pickups were designed to be replicas of the Carvin AP-6 pickups and the tone is great; however like the originals they are completely unshielded and prone to buzz. It’s a sacrifice for tone in my opinion. And these pickups are not like ANYTHING on the market; Carvin hasn’t made them since the 70’s (and they threw away their molds!) so the only place you can find them is the Hallmark DD model. Essential for that great Joe Maphis/Larry Collins/Brian Lonbeck tone…it does pretty good for that early Nokie sound too…!

Deke Dickerson with his Hallmark Signature prototype

Deke Dickerson with his Hallmark Signature prototype


Please note that only the prototype featured two volume and one tone control. All the production guitars have one volume and one tone control.

Hallmark Deke Dickerson Signature Model is great for country, but is perfectly suited for rockabilly, early rock-n-roll and surf music. Guitar weighs in at exactly 9 pounds.








From Hallmark:
The design for the new DD model is right out of the 50’s with it’s mastery of period design and styling, along with the accomplished engineering that makes all Hallmark guitars number one in performance, tone and play ability. The guitar design was originally created by Semie Moseley for lightning hurricane guitarist Joe Maphis as a double necked guitar. Then his picking friend Larry Collins of the RCA recording artist duo “The Collins Kids” also HAD to have one. Hand made by Semie just like the example made for Joe, you could see them playing together on 50’s west coast TV programs such as “Town Hall Party” and “Ritters Western Ranch Party”.

At the time these hand-built guitars would cost you about the price of a new car, no joke. Now, we have brilliantly made these guitars just like the originals but available in a single neck version with the affordability to the average musician of today! They have all the features of the 50’s originals from the tone chambered body with a seasoned solid maple top and back; pearl inlay on the head stock; raised gingerbread period style arm rest and pick guard for maximum comfort; right down to the custom wound cast alnico JM-6 Joe Maphis style pickups. This guitar has no equal, it handles and sounds like no other guitar ever produced and is sheer luxury.



  • Scale length: 24+3/4
  • Bone Nut
  • Shade Roller Bearing Vibrato
  • Hallmark locking saddle roller bridge for perfect intonation
  • Hallmark JM-6 Custom wound pickups
  • Maple neck w/ Bound Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Walnut Headcap w/ genuine pearl and abalone inlay
  • Tone Chambered alder body
  • Carved Hard Rock Maple Top
  • Flat Hard Rock Maple Back
  • Custom body bindings
  • Raised inlaid arm rest for maximum comfort
  • Raised inlaid pick guard
  • Grover Imperial Tuners
My Hallmark collection - Custom 60, Swept-Wing and Deke Dickerson Model

My Hallmark collection – 60 Custom, Swept-Wing and Deke Dickerson Model

Joe Maphis

The Collins Kids

Joe Maphis and Larry Collins

Lorrie Collins and Ricky Nelson

Deke Dickerson playing his signature model