Keeley Tone Workstation combines four of Robert Keeley’s classic circuits into a single small and affordable package. The original Tone Workstations were built in a limited run years ago. John Mayer ended up with a few of those, and he took them out on the road for the Dead & Company tour, giving them the status of collector’s items these days. This inspired Robert Keeley to re-design and re-release the Tone Workstation. The pedal combines: compression, tone shaping, overdrive and distortion, and boost. It contains the Keeley Two Knob Compressor, the 1962 Overdrive, the Katana Boost, and the Red Dirt Overdrive. Purchased separately, those pedals would cost much more, making the Tone Workstation a good value that takes up less space! The top-mounted jacks make for even more space saving on a crowed pedalboard.

First effect is the Keeley Compressor that features a blend control. All of the way left is 100 percent compressed signal, and all the way right is a 50-50 blend of your unprocessed signal and the compressed signal. The compressor also has a Treble/Stock switch for helping any treble loss.

Next a nice combination of Keeley’s 1962 Overdrive and the Katana Boost. The 1962 is based on a Marshall Bluesbreaker with a Katana on either end. The Katana is just a nice JFET boost.

The Red Dirt Overdrive is the final piece rounding out the Tone Workstation. The Red Dirt comes from Robert Keeley’s years of modifying Tube Screamers all that knowledge ends up into pedal.

Dimensions are 4.7 Inches wide x 3.72 Inches tall. Standard 9V Neg-Tip Power Supply and under 50mA. Don’t let the pictures fool you, this is a small box for housing all these effects. It will not crowd your pedalboard.