Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music

Loar LM-700-VS F-style Mandolin.

Always loved the way Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass’ mandolin looked and sounded. So I took some time to find a decent F-style mandolin I can learn to play. I learned that A-style mandolin’s are generally a bit less expensive, but Bill Monroe played a Gibson F-style.

Gibson F-style mandolins, especially vintage ones are over my budget. Especially for a beginner. I found the Loar mandolins are well made and not super expensive. The Loar is no vintage Gibson F-style, but is a fine instrument and borrows some of Gibson’s classic looks.

Learning to play a new instrument is fun and frustrating at the same time. Having a decent instrument makes it easier to learn. So far, I have part of “Maggie May” figured out.

Fun instrument to play and as Stan Jay, owner and founder of Mandolin Brothers told me the mandolin has done more for music than most people realize. It was Stan that schooled me on how to pick a mandolin. This mandolin was setup at the Mandolin Brothers repair shop. Plays great now.

Loar 700-VS Mandolin

Loar 700-VS Mandolin






Very cool tweed case

Very cool tweed case

Bill Monroe – Southern Flavor

Bill Monroe – Blue Moon of Kentucky

Bill Monroe influenced Elvis, the Beatles and scores of others

Paul McCartney George Harrison & Ringo Starr – Blue Moon of Kentucky

Mark Knopfler with Scotty Moore and Albert Lee – Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Ray Charles – Blue Moon Of Kentucky

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