Mr. Black DeluxePlus – This is the original Spring Reverb and Tremolo Pedal from Portland, Oregon boutique effect maker Mr. Black.

Nice to have that classic Fender surfer sound with the combo of reverb and tremolo in one pedal. Tremolo and Reverb mix so great together. Turn the intensity and speed knobs for adjust the trem and turn up the reverb level to add reverb on the mix. The tremolo is typical smooth Fender Deluxe bias trem, from skittery to throbby, while the reverb does a good impression of a brightly voiced spring and goes even wetter than a typical Fender amp and more towards the 6G15 territory of Dick Dale surf sound.

Both together – which is what you get unless you roll back the Reverb knob or the Tremolo Intensity – it’s a timeless combination. So many amps don’t have tube tremolo or spring reverb built in these days. These effects defined the music for a generation in 50’s and 60’s. With a simple 3 control and 1 switch layout the Deluxe Plus offers up all the tremolo and reverb you will ever need. They wanted to offer you more than the original effects that came built into amps were able to so even with the reverb set to noon your tone is already soaking wet.

Mr. Black DeluxePlus is True-bypass and 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery.

This is the original Mr. Black Deluxe PLUS and not the same as the Limited-run Mr. Black DeluxePLUS PLUS that features Reverb and Harmonic-Vibrato instead of the bias style Tremolo in the original. Own BOTH I do!

Mr. Black also makes a Deluxe Deluxe Plus that has separate footswitches for Reverb and Tremolo. I opted for the more pedalboard friendly Mr. Black DeluxePlus.