Amazing Shimmer Reverb that can make the angels sing!

Mr. Black Eterna Gold Modified Shimmer Reverb is the second version of Shimmer Reverb. Built on the foundation of the original Eterna, the Eterna Gold features a modified reverb algorithm including:

  • Expanded decay: over a 60 second tail!!
  • Shimmer-swell coupled with standard shimmer
  • Multiple early reflections
  • Augmented reverb voicing

The Mr. Black Eterna Gold is a spectacular Shimmer reverb which can run octave up transformations of your signal through its reverb to create cascades of ghostly harmonies. A control for Shimmer let’s you dial in the amount of harmonized signal you want, while Decay controls the length of the reverb and Mix the amount of wet signal to send to the output. The Gold version features an improved reverb voicing and expanded decay settings, allowing up to 60 seconds of reverb tail. A great tool for for shoegaze, ambient music and indie rock sound design. But not a one trick pedal, the Eterna Gold also does a great room and hall reverb!