Telecaster with BigsbyThis guitar is a bit of “partscaster” that you may have dreamed about, but have never have seen before. It has a vintage 1978 Fender Telecaster neck and “F” tuners, vintage Bigsby and a Stratocaster-style configuration of vintage Danelectro lipstick style pickups!

This Tele/Strat/Danelectro hybrid starts with an original 1978 Fender Telecaster maple neck attached to a handmade mahogany Telecaster style body with vintage yellowed paint job. There are quite a few love scars (chips in the finish) as it was well used for many of its years. So you could say it is a bit of a relic. The neck plate is an Fender part with a period correct “F” logo.

The Bigsby as well as the Danelectro lipstick pickups were vintage 1950’s or 1960’s. The pickups sound just amazing. The Bigsby works like a charm and the strings feed through a finely modified Tele bridge. The pickguard is handmade 3 ply.


I recently re-wired this guitar using the Fat Nashville wiring that uses a 5-way super switch and an S1 switch to take full advantage of all the pickup combinations. I mounted the control plate reversed style and used heavy knurled Telecaster knobs.