Paul Reed Smith SC 245 – Vintage Sunburst with Figured Maple top

Plays and sounds like a dream! PRS quality. The setup was perfect out of the case. BTW it looks pretty also.



This model gets its name from single cut (SC) and its scale 24.5. PRS have made their mark with a 25-inch scale double cut guitars. Paul Reed Smith used this scale that falls between Fender full scale 25.5 and Gibson 24.5. PRS recognized that plenty of plays love single cut shorter scale guitars. Add flamed maple tops, mahogany body and neck and you end up with something that falls pretty close to a classic Gibson Les Paul. So make no mistake this SC 245 and the SC 58 that PRS made a while ago is their take on a Gibson Les Paul.

Does it sound exactly like Gibson Les Paul you may be thinking? No! Very close, but it is NOT exactly the same as a Les Paul. So if you really want a classic Gibson Les Paul, than buy one. But if you want PRS quality in a similar single cut design that is also an awesome guitar this one is a keeper.



The earlier version of the SC 245 had a one piece bridge like PRS McCarty Model named after Ted McCarty. The new version of the SC 245 now has a PRS designed 2 piece bridge after discontinuing the SC 58 which I believe had this first.

Ted McCarty (formally of Wurlitzer) was President of Gibson and later owner of Bigsby. Ted McCarty was a longtime mentor and advisor to Paul Reed Smith. McCarty during is time at Gibson was responsible for the development of the Tune-o-matic bridge system, the humbucking pickup, and the Explorer, Flying V, Moderne, SG and Firebird guitars. Like Leo Fender, McCarty never played the guitar. He instead talked with every guitarist he could in order to find out what guitar players were interested in.

McCarty became the mentor of Paul Reed Smith. Smith found out about McCarty during a visit to the U.S. Patent office in the early 1980s, where he kept noticing McCarty’s name among Gibson’s patents. Smith later hired McCarty as a consultant, and credits his experience with McCarty as a defining moment in his company. In 1994, Paul Reed Smith’s company PRS Guitars, launched the McCarty model as a tribute to McCarty. Previously, no instrument or company ever bore his name.











This guitar weights in at 7-lbs 9-ozs which is on the light side and saves my back. Love the tummy cut. Makes it very comfortable to play. Pickups are awesome, the volume and tone knobs are smooth and free just the way I like them. The tone control is very useful and gives lots of options and does not go from bright to dark quickly like some guitars.

OK, I do have one problem with the guitar. Seems the PRS people can build an incredible guitar, but can not tell a strap button from a Fender Bass guitar string tree! PRS must order these Fender Bass string tress in bulk as they use them on all their guitars apparently. The problem with them is they have a wide big button that is also very close to the body of the guitar. Many thick guitar straps have little chance of fitting on these large bass-like buttons.


Well I ordered two different PRS branded guitar straps figuring well these would certainly fit easier. Not great as one PRS deluxe strap had no chance of fitting. The thinner PRS “birds” strap could fit with a lot of work. I could not see going through this every time I wanted to use a strap. I thought I could unscrew the strap button put the strap under the button and screw it back. This could work IF you wanted to always keep the strap on the guitar. I don’t.

Well I decided to swap for Dunlop strap locks since I have these on many of my guitars. The original PRS screws unfortunately do not fit thru the Dunlop buttons. Also it is worth noting PRS does not use felt washer when installing their strap buttons. So I ask, how can a company like PRS get so much perfect and after all these years still use these bass string tree-like buttons? Now I am sure some players must love them, but I will bet more just tolerate them or change them as I have seen on many used PRS guitars. Anyway, I stored away the original PRS strap buttons just in case.

PRS SC 245 Guitar at a Glance:

  • PRS 58/15 pickups – designed by Paul for vintage tone
  • Pattern profile neck feels great and plays smoothly
  • Solid mahogany topped with maple looks and sounds amazing

PRS 58/15 pickups
The SC 245 is one of the first PRS guitars to feature the 58/15 humbucking pickups, designed by Paul Reed Smith himself. They’re voiced for “exceptional clarity and focused midrange.” Plug into any tube amp and you’re primed for an open, airy tone that still holds its own in the mix.

Pattern profile neck feels great and plays smoothly
The SC 245 is fitted with PRS’s Pattern neck. Guitarists know that neck shapes are (of course) critical to your playing experience. Perfected after years of prototyping, the Pattern neck is an updated Wide Fat PRS neck style based on designs Paul Reed Smith did in the ’70s and ’80s for Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton, and Howard Leese of Heart. The SC 245’s bound rosewood fingerboard is butter under your fingertips. And with exquisite mother-of-pearl and Paua Heart bird inlays, no one will mistake your axe for anything other than a PRS.

Solid mahogany topped with maple looks and sounds amazing
To give the SC 245 a rich yet balanced sound, PRS began by choosing the tried-and-true combination of mahogany topped with a select maple top. The SC 245’s mahogany body gives you natural tonal warmth, which is offset perfectly by the brighter tone of maple. Together, these tonewoods give you an incredibly balanced sound.

PRS SC 245 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • A quintessential maple-topped mahogany rock guitar with irreproachable PRS quality and style
  • Maple-topped mahogany delivers deep bass resonance with top-end sparkle
  • 58/15 pickups provide the clarity of a single-coil with the low-noise operation and punch of a humbucker
  • Pattern neck profile balances speed and comfort beautifully
  • Hardshell case included
  • Get classic style with PRS elegance with this SC 245 solidbody electric guitar!

    Tech Specs:

    • Body Type: Solidbody
    • Body Shape: Single cut
    • Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed
    • Number of Strings: 6
    • Body Material: Mahogany
    • Top Material: Figured Maple
    • Body Finish: Urethane
    • Color: Vintage Sunburst
    • Neck Material: Mahogany
    • Neck Shape: Pattern
    • Scale Length: 24.5″
    • Fingerboard Material: East Indian Rosewood
    • Fingerboard Inlay: Birds
    • Number of Frets: 22
    • Nut Width: 1.6875″
    • Bridge/Tailpiece: PRS Two-Piece
    • Tuners: Phase III Locking
    • Number of Pickups: 2
    • Neck Pickup: 58/15
    • Bridge Pickup: 58/15
    • Controls: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3-way pickup selector
    • Strings: (.010-.046)
    • Case Included: Hardshell

    PRS also makes this guitar in a “10” top which is a $850+ option and also in an Artist Package with adds considerably to the cost. These are mostly cosmetic features.