I found out the hard way that this Gypsy Jazz Guitar will NOT make you play like Django Reinhardt even with the John Jorgenson videos. But you can work at it!

Django Reinhardt is considered one of the greatest guitar players of all time and practically created Gypsy Jazz genre. Django’s third and fourth fingers were paralyzed from being burned in a fire when he was only 18. Django used only the index and middle fingers of his left hand on his solos inventing an entirely new style of jazz guitar playing this way mostly due to necessity.

Django acquired his first Selmer (initially designed by Mario Maccaferri) guitar in the mid-1930s. The unique sound of this guitar was a big part of his sound. Django is considered one of the most important and influential guitar player of all time. Players from other genres like Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Dicky Betts, Jerry Garcia and Tony Iommi have all expressed the admiration and influence of Django Reinhardt.

Django played Selmer guitars his entire career, except for one short tour in the US with Duke Ellington. Django Reinhardt used very light silk-and-steel strings (.010 to .046) and the thickest guitar picks he could find, most of the time using natural tortoise shell.


Saga Cigano GJ-10 has several significant improvements over the bare bones factory model that makes far more playable and better sounding. For an inexpensive guitar it sound amazing and brings the Django sound (well almost, you need to bring the talent).


This guitar has had work performed by professional luthier that included a full fret level and brand new custom bridge for improved action and tone with leather installed under the tailpiece. Professional gypsy set-up with new Argentine Strings – the preferred gypsy jazz brand of strings.


Also has a K&K Pure Maccaferri pickup installed and is protected by a black Guardian Deluxe Gypsy Jazz hard shell case.

Django Reinhardt