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I started gathering parts to build a Roy Buchanan “Nancy” Telecaster tribute. Roy’s 1953 Blackguard Telecaster serial number 2324 was a special lady with a very unique voice and is an iconic guitar. I grew up listening to Roy Buchanan and Nancy. Roy always had a unique tone and you always know it is him playing when you hear it. Roy was sometimes known as “The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World” as most “rock stars” seek the spotlight, Roy seemed to avoid it. See Roy Buchanan – P.B.S. Greatest Unkown Guitarist in the World from 1971.

I am making an attempt to re-create Roy’s 1953 Blackguard Telecaster “Nancy” and get it as period correct as possible. I want this to be a nice tribute to the guy who was so important to the Telecaster and to music.

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Like all Telecaster lovers I have dreamed of playing a Blackguard from the 1950s – Broadcaster, Nocaster or Telecaster. The real thing is unobtainable for most of us that cannot pay today’s price tag. The reissues are nice and some of them are pretty close to owning the real thing.

My love for a Blackguard was only intensified by getting a copy of Nacho Banos fantastic Blackguard Book and spending many hours studying. I decided it would be a blast to assemble my own using the many great vintage style parts that are available. First stop Mark Jenny. I won an auction for this aged butterscotch body with “vintage nitro” aged finish on his eBay store.


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