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George Harrison had given the guitar to Klaus Voorman who had it fro many years and had made a few mods. Klaus returned the guitar to George who had it put back to its original form. Harrison family has the guitar now.

Purchased at Manny’s Music on West 48th St. near Times Square. Same place where the famous Red Fender Stratocaster that was made famous by Hank Marvin was bought. Both ended up in Great Britain. Gee I miss Manny’s!

The real George Harrison "Rocky" Stratocaster

The real George Harrison “Rocky” Stratocaster

George Harrison “Rocky” Stratocaster Tribute project is just getting started. Ordering parts and will be getting a custom paint job to pay tribute to one of my biggest guitar heros, George Harrison. This is probably one of the most copied Stratocasters. There are some places were you can order this guitar already painted on a Squier, Fender MIM or American Stratocaster. The Fender Custom Shop has also made a version of this guitar. I even saw a company the sells a vinyl “Rocky” decal that you can apply to your Strat!

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