Tech 21 Liverpool V2 is part of the Character Series is basically a Vox amp in a box. Many players use these direct into a PA or console/PC for recording. These SansAmp style effects have been around a long time and some players depend on them as their ONLY amp.

Tech 21 added a switch on V2 to allow you to turn off the speaker emulator section for using the Liverpool into the front-end of a guitar amp. This can work depending on the amp you have and the preamp settings.

Bottomline, I liked the clean and crunch sounds I hear from this pedal. Reminds me of early Beatles and Tom Petty. The pedal can get you that classic British Vox Jangle to a more overdriven Top Boost Bark like Brian May. Using its six effective controls (Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low, and High knobs).

From Tech 21 site:
The Character Series pedals take their mojo from the most respected amp tones on both sides of the Atlantic. These pedals don’t just have a single character, they have the whole cast, plot and curtain call.

The Level and Drive controls work like a traditional, well-equipped amp. Low, Mid and High, however, are active, providing a wider array of tonal possibilities. Then there’s the Character knob, which is something quite unique. This continuously-variable control moves seamlessly between different model voicings, covering vintage, high-gain and face-melting lead tones. The Character and Mid controls, and the speaker emulations, are all engineered to personify the specific amplifier traits and speakers associated with each amplifier type. Put simply, we’ve crammed the entire lineage of each amp style into a funky little box.

That distinctive diamond grille tone is yours for the tweaking. From the jangle of mop-top pop to the top-boosted growl of mod rock, this amp style has a voice that shook generations. Tuned to deliver the growl of English Alnico Bulldog-style speakers, this pedal also gets thick with rich, even harmonics as the Character control is pushed harder. Push it to the limit and it will, it will, rock you.

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