Wampler Thirty Something – Vox AC30 in a pedal
This pedal creates the tones made famous by VOX amplifiers – from Beatles to Brian May!

Connecting this pedal to my Blackface Fender Princeton Reverb I can get Vox AC30 tones. Sounds great and I did not need a real Vox to comp Beatles, Hank Marvin, Tom Petty, U2, Queen tones.

Recently, Wampler changed the name of this pedal due to legal issue. This is the same pedal as the Ace Thirty.

Vox amps are renowned for their bell like quality and brilliance of clarity. The Beatles, U2, Brad Paisley, The Shadows and, of course, the man with the most unique guitar tone of them all – Dr. Brian May of Queen. I bought this as I already had enough amps and did not have the space for another one.

I have contemplated buying a Vox for years. The Vox AC30 has the sound, but is too big heavy and loud. The AC15 is a great amp, but lacks some of the headroom of the AC30. The AC4 was also on my “hit” list as it was a smaller combo, low wattage, light – BUT lacked reverb or tremolo. What I really wanted was the Top Boost sound of a classic Vox heard on the Beatles, Queen, Tom Petty and Shadows recordings.

My Line 6 DT25 and Blackstar HT-5C can get me close to a Vox sound, but I still figured this pedal fits my needs well. It allows me to front end one of my Fender amps and allows me to get the these British amp tones.

Chime and cool sounds like a real Vox amp. The EQ features a Top Cut (not an inverted treble boost), that reacts and removes the same spectrum of frequencies you would expect from the originals. Switchable gain stages allow you a much clearer tone right up to the that beautiful, almost regal overdrive. On the inside is a trim pot that will adjust the input gain; so if you are using a guitar with hotter pickups, dropping this back a touch will allow you to retain a true clean tone.This pedal is like two in one as it also features a boost section.